Tuesday, October 7, 2008


hello there world! it's been a minute since I've written on here eh? well I had a humongous paper due and then I had my LSAT this weekend in London so yeah. I know right? LSAT. eek! second and final time to take that!

so funny story actually about my LSAT weekend in London. I got into London on Friday night and stayed the night in a hotel right by Paddington Station because yeah it was late and I just wanted to get a room and study and take a very LONG hot shower and relax and everything before the test. So anyway on Saturday, I wake up to go to my test and get all ready and everything and go to the lobby to have the girl behind the counter call me a cab. She calls me a cab and a few minutes later this really nice Volvo shows up and some guy in a suit gets out. I thought it was just some London guy in his car because it didn't say taxi anywhere or anything. Yeah it was my cab, though, and the guy comes in and takes me out to the cab and is running around opening doors for me and everything. I just thought like "wow I really lucked out on this cab! this guy is awesome!" So we're driving and he's telling me about how he drove around all these models for fashion week and blah blah blah. I thought he was just telling me all this because I'm a girl and so I must like fashion (true story...I do but whatever). anyway when we were almost to my destination, I realized that he ONLY drives around models and that apparently the girl behind the counter thought that I was a model (all 5 ft 2 inches of me...) and had called this company to drive me. Why she thought this, I don't know but whatever. it was a wicked cheap cab ride and the guy was freakin awesome so whatever but I thought that that was nuts. I'm not sure if he ever figured out that I wasn't a model but I was trying to explain to him that I was on my way to a test but he kept asking if I was on my way to an agency or a photoshoot and stuff. yeah it was pretty hilarious to me but whatever. I find out Oct. 27 how I did on my LSAT but I actually feel pretty good about it so I guess we'll see. I met some really fun people at the LSAT and hung out with them in London after the test and so that was fun. It was mostly American students and other American people who had to come to London for it. There were people there from Sweden and Ireland and stuff who were studying or living there that had to come all the way to London.

Hmm other new stuff. Ah classes. I started classes recently and they 're going pretty well. I have two now that my presessional is over so yeah. I have German and "Artists and Warfare." The professors are cool and it's pretty fun and I have friends in both of my classes so it's not bad at all.

I'm having such a good time over here and it's so fun. It's amazing how many people I'm meeting from such different places and all the new words I'm learning and the new ways I'm learning that people use words like "sorted" and "wardrobe" and "queue" and "smart" and ugh yeah it's just crazy. I love it, though, and time is flying by so quickly. I've made like so many amazing new friends already, both local and American.

hmmm so yeah new pictures time!
so we went to Bath, England (home of Jane Austen for a little while) and I went to the Jane Austen center, which was cool, and had tea. I'm not at all a tea drinker so I'm experimenting while I'm here and attempting to like tea. It's a long and bumpy road for me haha. Also, I had Indian food for the first time like a week or so ago, which was amazing! I'm officially in love with Indian food!

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