Monday, September 10, 2012

Here, There, and Everywhere!

Now that I have been in the UK almost an entire week now I guess it is time to fill everyone in on my travels! I would have done this earlier but getting wifi on my computer hasn't been the easiest task. I should probably start by introducing myself: my name is Kylie Dent and I am now a senior at Rogers State studying medical molecular biology. I am captain of the cheer squad,  member of the honors program, pre-health club, and a part time student worker in President Rice's office. My plans for after graduation are still up in the air, depending on where I get accepted, but I know that my future will lead me somewhere into the health field. I am so unbelievably blessed to be chosen to represent RSU  at Swansea University in Wales, as a Brad Henry Scholarship recipient. I left Tulsa Airport on Tuesday of last week. After saying goodbye to my parents at security I immediately burst into tears; I have never been away from home, for this amount of time, and knowing that I'm not just a short drive away hit me at once. I soon recovered from shock and tried to set my sights on the amazing oportunity that was handed to me. I met two other scholarship recipients in Chicago and we boarded our 8 hour flight to London. On the flight I met a wonderful woman, Sarah, who after telling all about her travels in Europe, assured me I would have the time of my life. So, far she has been absolutely right! We spent the first day in London; since we were absolutely exhausted, from an overnight flight and hauling 100 pounds of luggage around (which was quite a sight I'm sure), we decided to take a bus tour that would drive us around London to see the most popular attractions. Luckily, we couldn't have had a more perfect day with blue skies and sunshine. We retired early to our hotel, after being up for about 36 hours we were ready for some sleep! This hotel was much unlike the ones here in the States. My room barely fit me and my luggage, next to a twin size bed and the shower was so tiny I barely fit; but I was so exhausted I was just happy for a room!The next morning we returned to Paddington Station where we took a three hour train ride to Swansea. At the train station we actually met up with two more Americans and luckily a student here at Swansea, who took us right where we needed to go! We spent the evening unpacking and had dinner at a pub here on campus. The next morning we had orientation for class and took a fieldtrip to the Gower Peninsula, which was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been..not to mention the absolutely gorgeous weather!  We have spent the weekend getting to know everyone, which includes 27 Americans from coast to coast, a girl from France, the Netherlands, and a boy from Spain. We are currently living together in Langland Hall, here on campus, but will soon be transferred to the student village where we will be split up. I have met some wonderful people so far and can't wait til the campus is alive with students in a few weeks. I appreciate everyone who is taking their time to follow me on my semester here in Swansea! xx-Kylie
Westminster Abbey

Worlds tiniest hotel room (at a steep 54 Pounds)

Gower Peninsula.....beautiful!