Thursday, October 23, 2008

edinburgh tomorrow!

so tomorrow my girls and I are heading off to Edinburgh! yay! tonight is karaoke again! so fun! I've been like a crazy madwoman trying to get all of my homework done since I'll be gone all weekend. it's been pure craziness. but I'm offically finished with all my homework and it's only four so yay. thank goodness for no class on Thursday lol. but yeah I've basically had no life all week and it's been lame. especially since so many people have been sick but I havent been sick yet! haha knock on wood! but yes my completely healthy self has been stuck in front of my computer all week doing homework. boo! but it's ok because it's all over now and I can go laugh at people at karaoke tonight and then we're off at like five tomorrow morning for edinburgh! I plan on taking a ton of pictures! I've been charging my camera like crazy but I feel like my converter is killing my battery charger because it's not looking like it's charged yet....grr. it better not be or I'll be freakin ticked! haha
I would very much love to go running but it's raining. isnt that just the way it always is? it's actually been clear and beautiful weather almost all week except on monday when I had plans and now today when I would love to actually go run and not just do homework. blah. no fair.
anyway I'm off to go clean or something! I don't even know what to do with myself!

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