Sunday, October 19, 2008

aaah fun trips!

The pictures today are of my backyard. The sky was so pretty that day. Also, I went to the movies with one of my friends and watched Burn After Reading. Amazing! Afterwards, we went to Eddie Rockets and ate delicious burgers. American burgers better than most places in America! haha. Also, that food up there. yeah that's some amazing food that my friend Jenn made. We eat dinner together all the time and it's always amazing! One of her flatmates had his birthday the other day. the big 1-9 haha and we had a party for him with a pinata! it was super fun!

so on Friday, I'll be setting off for Edinburgh! yay! we're going to have so much fun! then like two weeks later, I'm going to VENICE! yay! then about two weeks after that, PARIS! then Freiburg, Germany, the next week! my final trip will be right before I go back to Oklahoma when I go to Dublin. I'm super excited for my five big trips haha. I've certainly gone a number of places in the UK since I've been here, though. There are so many more places I wish I could go, but, oh well. I can't go everywhere here and I'm getting to see some of the most amazing places and places that I've wanted to see forever so I'm very happy with what I'm doing and just feel lucky to be over here at all.

This week was pretty low-key. I've mostly just done homework and cleaned and watched movies and other low-key things haha. I also went into town with one of my friends to look for halloween costumes and found a few cute things but nothing in my size that I want. everything is too big! grr. but also, I couldn't even try things on and I definitely want to try on my costume haha. But yeah, I've had mucho homework this week and weekend because I know I won't be here next weekend and I need to get ahead right now. Most of my homework, though, is from my online Oklahoma classes, since we don't really have homework here.

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