Sunday, September 21, 2008

aaaah enrollment

holy crap! today was the beginning of the fall term here so it was madness! I had to be at my orientation at 11 today so my friend and i headed down to the bus stop here at ten so that we could get to campus early and avoid any potential issues. or so we thought..... yeah we waited in line or an hour to get on the bus! there was a line soooooo long of little 18 year olds and lots of americans. no worries, though, everything was ok. we got to orientation about 2 minutes late but other people were about an hour late so we were good!
the enrollment here is wicked different than in america so it's a much more complicated process for americans, but it's actually not too bad. i'll be taking two actual classes here now so i enroll for one tomorrow and one on wednesday. i'm taking german 1 and weimar germany, which is scarily similar to what my schedule back home would've been anyway but whatever haha.
I definitely think that being on campus today with about 15,000 people crammed into a few buildings made me realize just how well we have it at RSU. I was LONGING for that place today when no one could move because so many people were trying to get to the same place at the same time.
anyway I'm off to work on a paper for my presessional class!

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