Sunday, September 14, 2008


haha the title just means swansea in wales, but it's part of the welsh i've been picking up. very little welsh but still, i'm trying!

so recently we've toured a coal mine near here and two castles and an abbey. the first castle we toured was st. fagan's and it was pretty neat, but i loved the one we toured today. it was the chepstow castle. the town was super neat and the castle was huge! it was super neat and then we toured an old abbey today, as well. it's just crazy how old these things are compared to american buildings.

last night my friend and i went to the last of the proms in the park. it was amazing. they had the welsh national symphony there and some opera singers and it was so fun. everyone was waving their welsh flags around and stuff. they are so proud of their country! it was a really neat experience.
my other friend and i went to the beach the other day and i did not bring my camera and hers had just died when we saw a huge, gorgeous we totally missed the chance to take that picture.

the presessional class we have is amazing, and our professor is so awesome, as well. the class is really fun but we learn so much and it's right up my alley as far as how it connects the social world with the politcal world.

the weather has been gorgeous for a couple of days but i think that that is over and we're going to be back to lots of rain and cold and wind soon...yay...
oh and i'm totally craving a coney or some like tuna helper or something...i'm sick of fried, british food!

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