Friday, September 5, 2008


well i have finally arrived! the travel was awful! such a long flight and i didnt even get to sleep really.
I spent a day in london with kristen, an RSU alum who lives in london now! we had lots of fun! i stayed in her flat with her like nine roommates. it was quite the european experience! so now i am in swansea and it's gorgeous! the ocean is right by campus, which is lovely.
I have pretty much no access to an outet, though because the ones in my room are not working and probably won't work for over a week and there are no outlets in the bathroom so i've been wearing a hat instead of doing my hair! it's crazy.
today is the first day i've had acccess to the internet, too. i've been so out of touch with technology lately!
anyway pictures will be coming soon but i should get off of here for now since i can't charge my computer yet!