Friday, August 29, 2008

ayo technology

there are officially very few things left to do in preparation for wales! This feeling is definitely exciting. I'm still a bit stressed and I still feel that many things are left to do or are up in the air but really, I'm pretty much ready.

I was having difficulty in deciding whether or not to buy train tickets off the internet before I got there but I decided to wait to buy train passes until I get there because I don't want to buy something that will really not benefit me. So for the first couple of days that I'm in london, I'll have my lovely friend kristen help me decide what is best. Then...maybe I'll buy a 2 month pass that they offer. it's always based on how many days (4, 8, etc) in 2 months so really if I buy one for november and december (on the discounted website I found), I'll be fine and maybe I'll get one (at regular price...blah) for september and october after I get over there, but I'm not getting a discounted one off the net before I get there because I'd rather pay full price for something I actually need than to get something on sale that will do me no good.

Yesterday I went to radio shack and bought my adaptors for the appliances and today my lovely ghetto phone arrived in the mail. This phone is like straight outta 2001 or something haha. It's my temporary phone while i'm in Europe! yay! how fun! It really is so ghetto though! Here is a picture of my incredibly ghetto phone and of my adaptors for all my american appliances!

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