Sunday, August 24, 2008

crunch n munch!

a week and a half! how exciting! i still feel as though there is so much to do but i really do think most everything is taken care of. i still have more packing but it shouldn't be too bad. i did this whole packing routine last year for DC so i am now very, very experienced in packing a semester's worth of life into very little luggage! still, i shouldn't procrastinate, it's just not my style!

so now to explain the title of this post. it's a story i simply must tell everyone and hopefully it'll translate well when spelled out as opposed to having been there. i decided before i left to have an extremely american experience. one last bit of americana before i leave america for a while. so to a redhawks game we went. my friend and i decided to spend a day in the city and we stayed in a hotel the night before the game. at breakfast (after being in the hotel) i realize that i don't have my rings on. my class ring from high school and another, brand new really pretty ring. for some reason, all of my other jewelry is on and in but not the rings. so i went back to search for them in the room to no avail. we asked the front desk people if they had found them. they said no. they would call if they did, though. the day progresses and i just can not find my rings and it's becoming quite upsetting. lunchtime rolls around and i'm a bit emotional about the whole ordeal. my mother couldn't find them in the my house when i called her. well i was sitting at a table before lunch like seriously RACKING my brain about this ring situation when it occurred to me that i might have figured out what happened. surely not, though, because what i was considering was way too weird and there was just NO way that it could be true. there was a bag of crunch n munch ripped open all down the side on the nightstand next to my bed in the hotel room and what if the rings fell in there? i mean, that could happen right. my friend humored me and we went to look in my car and see (though neither of us was hopeful or actually believed it could possibly be true). we opened the bag and were looking and were about to just give up when...NO WAY! OH MY GOSH! they were in the crunch n munch bag! what? how does that even happen? but yes we (or at least i) were very excited!

after that ridiculous ordeal i proceeded to enjoy my big, american day at the mall and olive garden and had my last american baseball game experience at the redhawks game.

so anyway that is my story of my day of americana and crunch n munch ridiculousness!