Sunday, September 21, 2008

aaah the student village

so we arrived at the student village a couple of days ago. the americans were the first to arrive so we had the place to ourselves the first night. we're all separated now, which is bittersweet. it's nice to be around the british students but i miss living with a lot of my friends! we're all very near each other, though, so that's good. i'm the only one of our group in my building but the buildings around me have a bunch of my friends in them. the other american students from london or the ones who didn't do a presessional have started arriving, too, so I've met a lot of them. most of the people who live here are wicked young. all the girls in my flat are like 18 so that's strange. it's ok, though, because a lot of the younger kids here are cool. I feel so isolated out here because it's off campus and away from city centre and the mumbles and the beach, but the place is really nice and there is a mini grocery store here and a launderette (haha I like their word or laundry mat).

before we came out here, we all took a trip to the city of bath in england and we saw the roman baths, which were awesome. the city was really neat. I liked it so much and we saw the royal crescent. people live there now, which would be like absolutely amazing to say. a few of us also went to the jane austen museum, which was really neat and drank tea (yuck!) and ate little snackish tea food (YUM!). I also bought an amazing coat...I HAD TO! my other coat ripped so I had to get a new one....hehe. it was a really fun day and one of my favorite trips that we've taken so far.

next month, I'm going to endinburgh! I'm so excited because I have always wanted to go to scotland and I'm going with some of my wonderful friends so it'll be an absolute blast!

enrollment starts tomorrow and I'm so confused as to how it all works but I have an orientation in the morning (well 11...haha) so I'm sure it'll be fine and I'm just ready for school to finally start! our presessional class is over, and I'm kind of sad about that because I really liked that class and our professors were so cool! now we all have to write a paper for that class and I'm definitely doing mine over the british music of the 1960s because yeah I love the beatles!

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