Tuesday, September 9, 2008

dwi intrigued!

so yesterday was our first day of the swansea presessional class. finally on somewhat of a schedule! our professor for that class is wicked cool. he's absolutely hilarious. i love it! the class is very interesting, as well. it's all about british society and politics in the post-world war II era. in other words, we discuss movies and music and how it has related to the politics of britain after the 1940s. that's pretty freakin cool haha. yesterday we watched a funny movie about scotland and whiskey. twas fun indeed!

all of us (the americans) are getting along really well so far. there are about 40 of us and yesterday we made tacos! i'm already sick of nasty british food haha. it's as bad as everyone always said it was.

we really can not wait to move into the student village but i'm actually enoying this dorm life for a little while. i've never really experienced this kind of thing before, except maybe at camp or something.

so pretty much every day we go into city centre or the mumbles, both of which are awesome. the mumbles is an absolutely adorable part of town near us where michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones have a house. there are various little delis and pubs and ice cream shops with little clothing and shoe stores everywhere. you can do some serious window shopping there. it's very fun in that area of town and it's so pretty because it's near gower peninsula so you can see the cliffs and the bay very well. (but really you can see that from our windows right now so...) but then there is city centre, which has the market place and the quandrant centre. the quandrant centre is a big mall. we do all of our grocery shopping at city centre because there is a tesco's there, which is like a big target or something but with not nearly as much stuff.

so the pictures at the top are of the area around mumbles and the gower peninsula. the other pictures were taken in city centre. one of is of some hare krishnas that were walking around and handing out fliers the whole time we were there one day last week.

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