Friday, March 20, 2009

Pony Mountain, Mumbles, and Gower/Worm's Head

In the last couple of weeks, since London, I felt I needed to lay low and consider reading a few of my books for my classes. I also am trying to prepare for the 'giant...daunting...over-the-top...out-of-control easter break trip. In doing so I need to conserve some money, because I spent WAY too much in London. Which by the way is very very expensive. Oh, fyi I had some amazing Leboniese food. Oh and in chinatown I ate some shark fin soup that was way over priced and tasted just like egg drop soup and I had some fried eel that tasted like some old school fried catfish back in Oklahoma. Okay, enough of that tangent. I'm laying low the last couple weeks....kinda. I had some great local journeys and my very best friend, Daniel Clark and his girlfriend Kinda Wilson, from back home in Oklahoma were able to visit me. In fact, they just left this morning. They both stayed in my small peanut sized room for the last three nights and I gave them a guided tour of the full Swansea experience.

First off: Pony Mountain

So, it isn't really named that. It happens to be a large hill that is directly behind my dorm and from the top it has a beautiful view of Swansea, Mumbles and the ocean. I/Daniel so aptly named it Pony Mountain because of the beautiful, yet hairy, ponies and horses residing on its peak. Its only about a fifteen minute hike from behind my building and along the way is a very cool, albeit scary mansion. Here are some pics:

Secondly: Mumbles

I've been to Mumbles a few times and this was the only time I was able to remember my camera and actually take some decent pictures. We visited the castle in Mumbles and visited some of the shops and delis. The best part of Mumbles is walking the boardwalk and going out on the giant rock islands and lighthouse off the pier that are only available when the tide is low, and if you don't make it back in time you can be stuck on out there until low tide or the next day.

Thirdly and certainly most impressively: Gower/Worm's Head

Words and pictures CAN NOT describe the beauty to be found at Rhossili Bay. This is the bay located in Gower that leads to Worm's Head. All I can say is that it is awe-inspiring and at every new turn and cliff I stopped and thought too myself that it was the most beautiful place/view in the world. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking, but bear in mind that these in no way capture the shear scale and impressive boasting that this coastline deserves.

On a final note...

You'll notice the bearded man with glasses hanging from cliffs and posing with his girlfriend to be Daniel and Kinda. The pier that can be seen in the pictures is from the top of the giant rock islands in Mumbles. It is a most impressive climb and the view from the top is humbling!

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