Thursday, March 12, 2009

more York pictures

Starting from the top left:
-Me getting cozy with the viking in our hostel
-The last nights dinner our group had in York. (that'd be Fiona, me, Audrey, Jeph, Katie, Nate, Ethan, and Jared)
-We played truth or dare in the car. Fiona's dare was to run around the car in the middle of Manchester waving her arms around in the air three times.
- Um...that small top one, above Manchester United Stadium is my room in the hostel.
-The of course is Manchester United Stadium. We only drove through Manchester on our way home from York.
-Purple living statue riding a bike. He wasn't a very good statue. He moved all the time. But it is a cool idea with the bicycle.
- The next three, me, me all acting dumb in a castle museum in York and getting arrested.
-The final photo is one of the York sightseeing boats that was docked up on the shore. I thought it was quite peculiar how they dock them!


  1. The statue moves because its part of his act, and he actually won a global award for his amazing act.

  2. Yeah, I agree, this guy is amazing. Didn't know he'd won an award - what was it Andy? My daughter loves this performer and insists on walking down 'Purpleman Street' every time we are in York. I even had to paint her bike purple just so it could be like Purplemans! York would be a sad place without this man, whoever he is. He brings pleasure to many.