Friday, March 20, 2009

Nick-2, London-0

I visited London for a second time recently on a weekend when I had nothing else planned. I decided last minute after spending a weekend at home after Amsterdam that I absolutely did not want to just sit around and waste another spectacular weekend. So booked my train and hostel a little last minute, but still didn't have to pay too much. I went with will, one of my friends from Swansea University. I'd seen mucho the first time I visited London, but of course that was the first day I arrived overseas. I knew after leaving the first time there were quite a few things I had to go back and visit. I accomplished most of these things this second time around. We spent Saturday, Sunday, and some of Monday touring London. We arrived at Paddington and navigated our way through Hyde Park through south central London past Harrods and the Science Museum finally finding our way to our hostels after a couple of leisurely hours looking and sampling some tasty treats at little bakeries along the way. The hostel was a bar on the bottom floor and all the rooms were upstairs. It was a great looking hostel with some intimidating bathrooms.
I fully felt capable of navigating despite the fact that our map didn't show far enough west to allow us to see how to get to our hostels.
This time 'round Will and I saw the Natural History and Science museums, and since I'm a nerd for dinosaurs and science, this was particularly special. I hadn't ever seen a full dinosaur skeleton put together in all its magnificent glory.
We made our way around to Harrods, where I had some amazing chocolates and sweets,
then to the London eye and caught the most spectacular view of London from the great ferris wheel.
/I saw the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment for a second time, we ate some eh....sketchy and pricey food in the chinatown district of London. We went back and around Piccadilly Circus, which I feel is somewhat equal to the feeling of being in Times Square in New York City. We went out for drinks on Sunday night with some friends of Wills in a pub in central London near Piccadilly Circus. I really enjoy riding the London Underground (the tube), it is the easiest and far cheapest way to travel. So, once again I have conquered London. It all went seamless, and I am happy to be able to check a few more spots of the

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