Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm at a loss

I have no pictures for this post....only thoughts. You have heard me mention on a couple occasions about easter break, well the time has arrived. I leave in a few short hours for possibly one of the most amazing, astounding, moving, lengthy, trying trips of my life. We are leaving on a four week journey through Europe with a 12 city list of stops along the way. Barcelona, Mariselle, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. This list may change as we go. We have tentatively planned on spending two to three days in each place. I feel as though I am prepared in some ways but not at all in others. I've got my passport. I've got my air up pillow for sleeping on train rides. I've got my Eurail pass that gets me into 21 different countries by train and all paid for. I've got my large travel bag with a removable day pack that I have bought since I came over here. I have my travel pants with tons of pockets and zippers to carry my essential and important items. I'm packing three shirts and two pants. One bandana and one hat. A ipod, sunglasses, passport, id's, tooth brush/paste, deodorant, and some paper work to work on an essay while on the road. We have made few plans to book hostels or train rides, because we don't know how or when exactly we will be moving to a new city or country. I am packing light. I need to be able to be on my feet with a large pack for extended amounts of time. Our plan as of right now only gets me from the city of Bristol in the UK and on a plane to Barcelona. We will arrive around 1 am. We will spend the first night sleeping in the airport. Then we will have to track down a hostel and transportation. There will be three guys other than myself traveling together. Others will join and disperse along the way. Most students plan on roughing it. We will smell bad and look worse by the end of this journey. I hope all goes well. I am excited, nervous, and not packed. I leave in two hours to catch a train for Bristol. Do I have all that I will need for four weeks on the road? I dunno? It'll be great fun. I sure don't wanna lose any valuable ids or info. That would be wicked bad. Since I have been overseas my eyes have been opened to the world. I no longer see only inward in my own little town, in my own little country. This is the best time in my life to attempt such a trip. Does it sound like I'm not ready? I am. I'm ready to tackle the unknown. Physically I think I will be pushed to the edge. All trips thus far have been two to three days and generally it is wonderful to be 'home' to my dorm. We don't know other languages. I know some dirty/slang spanish from working in a restaurant with Mexican cooks. I don't think that will help. I will try and blog along the way. I will have access to internet hopefully in hostels. I'll have to pay for that. I'm about to see what its all about. I'm about to take a month and see more of the world than most could dream of. I'm so very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be here. now. I can't wait. Peace out!

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