Friday, November 7, 2008


aaah I am now back from Venice! I had a blast! words can not describe how amazing that place is. it's like a little microcosm or something. it's a bubble that is practically isolated from much of the influences of the world. I love it! you can not compare Venice to any other place because it's so profoundly different. I'm proud of myself, too, because I didn't get lost! I went by myself and didn't get lost at that. everyone was warning me that getting lost is just part of it.

I stayed in a very interesting hostel. It was really small and used to be a museum. There were only about seven of us there at any given time. It was absolutely gorgeous and was all marble. The people who ran the hostel gave us breakfast and dinner every day so that was awesome! I met some really cool people and hung out with them while I stayed there (they all got lost, though, getting to the hostel for like 2 or 3 hours).

it was supposed to rain while I was there but instead it was like 65 degrees every day and so sunny! I loved it! it was like a mini summer break. Now I'm back to the cold and the rain, though. No..I'm actually glad to be back so it's ok. I've come to love this place and think of it as home!

Yeah I had a great, pretty inexpensive little trip to Venice. I would recommend that to anyone. It was my first time on the Continent. Defintely awesome. I feel so proud for going alone and not speaking the language or anything. yay bravery!

Now it's just 2 weeks until Paris!

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