Thursday, November 13, 2008

I decided to post some older pictures that I have from the various places I've been. I can't believe I'm leaving here a month from today. That just seems way way too soon. I'm not ready to go yet at all! A month from today I fly off to Dublin, though, and then onward back to Oklahoma a few days later. I'm going to miss so many people so badly! Not that I'm not missing people back home right now, and not that I'm not ready to see many people from home again, but I'm just not ready to leave! Time is just really flying by for me here.

I've been preparing for law school lately, which is just crazy. I can't believe that I'll be doing that next year. I've been corresponding with a human rights attorney in London since that is what I'm interested in. She's being quite helpful to me! Applying to law school is such a stressful process, but it makes me feel like a senior in high school again or something. It just really takes me back to applying for college! Hopefully I end up at a law school that is as amazing as RSU has been for undergrad. I really hope I find a place that I love as much as RSU! I'm going to be applying for my internship in Uganda soon, too, as soon as the applications are online! I can't believe I'm enrolling in my last semester of school, too! craziness!

EEK! so I'm off to Paris a week from today! I leave late Thursday night! I have a meeting for it on Monday! So exciting! This time I'm going with a huge group of people, which is neat. It's through the student union here. They went to Amerstam a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't go on that trip. Couldn't pass up Paris, of course, though! I plan on getting my hair cut while I'm there, too. My friends and I are going to the Louvre and on a bike tour of Paris, which will be awesome! This is my first real trip with a huge group of people since I've been here, too. Edinburgh was just four of us and Venice was just little ole me! Venice was amazing, though. Waking up in sunny Venice (when it was supposed to be rain) and finding out that Obama had won was just a once-in-a-lifetime, indescribable feeling!

Blah..I need to go to city centre and do a little shopping for various things, such as band-aids! (or plasters, as they're called here...) ugh but it's raining (of course) and I just don't want to go out in the rain again today! It rains so much here! rainiest city in the UK!
So everyone should know that today is the second annual "to write love on her arms" day. it's a great organization that everyone should know about and read up on!

Well I'm off to brave the weather!

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