Thursday, November 27, 2008


so tonight my friends and I are leaving for Germany! we'll be spending a few days in Freiburg, which should be super awesome. we're going for a Christmas market. Freiburg is supposed to be one of the best places for Christmas markets, and I'm sure it'll be amazing! it's right on the black forest and right by France and Switzerland so there should definitely be an interesting mix of cultures and stuff there.

Last night I went to a comedy show here in Swansea. The last Wednesday of every month there is a comedy show at the Swansea Grand Theatre so I went last night since it's my last time to see it before I leave. They're not doing one in December so last night was the Christmas one (meaning the best one, duh!) It was absolutely great. I highly recommend it for anyone who has a chance to go. I had a blast. All of downtown Swansea is decorated really pretty and everything, too. They have a fun little carnival type thingy here that I will hopefully be checking out soon! It's so pretty here this time of year. It's still green here, too, which is nuts to me! I don't understand how it's almost December and it's super cold but still so green. wow!
So yeah here are some more pictures from Paris and of my new hair! I got it cut in Paris and then I put color in it yesterday here in Swansea. yayyyy!

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