Friday, December 12, 2008

aw goodbyes :(

ugh and so it begins. everyone pretty much is leaving here today or tomorrow. most are going home. some are doing some traveling and then leaving but either way, it's so sad! I'm leaving for Dublin tomorrow morning and then I'm going home on Tuesday. I've had such a blast here! I so don't want to leave but I am so ready to see everyone at RSU and be back there again.

I am excited to go to Dubin, though. The land of my people! haha and I'm so excited to be finished with all of my classes, too! I finished my paper for one class, took my final for German and did both of my online classes (A's in those! woohoo!)

I can't believe I'm all packed up and cleaning my room and everything to leave. It doesn't really feel over and like I'm leaving. It's beginning to feel more real today, though.

I feel so lucky to have been here at all! The American Studies office has been wonderful to all of us. I've met some amazing people and gotten to experience so many wonderful things and see so many great places that I've always wanted to see.

My friends and I went out to a final dinner the other night. It was nice. we went and ate some Indian food and had fun.
I went through the botanical gardens on campus again today for a final time. it's such a gorgeous place!
Well anyway I'm going back to packing and getting ready to leave all bright and early but will definitely write about Dublin!

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