Friday, October 5, 2012

The Real World: Swansea

This is a true story of 10 strangers picked to live together...okay just kidding but if any of you have seen the Real World thats kind of how I felt the first few days here. Since my last blog I moved out of the comforts of University housing, with the Americans, into Hendrefoelan Student Village. It is about 3 miles from campus and is full of like 200 creaky old houses/flats. I was put into a 10 bedroom 2 bathroom house with 9 people I didn't know, talk about out of my comfort zone! But so far it has been awesome; I couldn't ask for better housemates (besides the one I have never seen)..So apart from my living accomodations everything else has been just as crazy! I finished my precessional class over "British politics and culture since 1945," which was surprisingly really great thanks to our professor! I have gotten to see the historic city of Bath, which was absolutely beautiful and also visit St. Fagans and Big Pit. Big Pit is an old mine and we got to go like 300 feet below into the actual mine and take a tour! Apart from all the fun stuff I suppose I should add that classes started just this week. I am taking Greek Romance: Sea, Sun, and Sex and Classical Athens which is really weird for me, as a Biology major but lets just say class here is MUCH different than back home. I am in lecture a total of 6 hours a week and my only assignments are 1 essay, 1 online Exam, and 2 finals for the whole term. Signing up for classes was a complete disaster considering there is no such thing as a university timetable and I didn't even know the times/days of my classes until the week they started, so thank you RSU for making enrollment so easy! I have lecture Monday at noon, Tuesday at 9, 12, and 5 and Thursday at 11 and 3. I came to the conclusion that they choose lecture times by throwing darts or drawing out of a fishbowl because they are so random. Next exciting news is that I get to cheer while I am here! Since the University cheer sqaud doesn't compete until March I am just helping them out but instead I get to cheer for a professional rugby team here in Wales called the Ospreys, so cool! This week cheer has kept me super busy but I have met the most amazing girls..I am so excited to be a part of it all. I have also started to plan a few trips; tomorrow I am going to Stonehenge, in two weeks I am headed to Germany, and in a month I will be going to Amsterdam and a few more are in the works! Life here is like a dream; I thought that I would be so homesick but apart from missing my family and friends I wish I could slow time down. I can't believe I have already been here an entire month. For anyone who is keeping up with me I am sorry I haven't updated more, but between housemate movie nights, wind street shenanigans, and other fun stuff I haven't been in my room much. Since I have to be up early to catch my bus I guess I should be heading to bed so until next time....
xx, Kylie
Big Pit

Roman Bath

Pretty church

My house for the term, #3

Gil bought us all flowers in Bath!

I celebrated my 21st here and everyone made it so special!
(Thanks for the cake Liana!)

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